Everything Comes Up Rose’s

Published on 27 November 2007 in , ,

With the latest series of Doctor Who getting ever closer, news is creeping out about cast and enemies. Like this little one today – according to BBC News, Billie Pipper is popping back for three more episodes.

But… but… but… but… how???? Rose Tyler was left on the other side of a parallel universe, with her mum, her not-dead dad and that lad from Auf Wiedersehn Pet. Bloomin’ sci-fi programmes! They just decide to do something, then decide to re-write their own laws of physics to get round it!

And what is Series 4 going to be? Companion-fest? Martha “I’ve left, but oh look I’m back again already” Jones is already signed up, now there’s Rose “I’m just popping over from a parallel universe even though it’s impossible” Tyler and Donna “I bet you don’t know what my surname is” Noble already. What next then? Well my money is actually that Rose Tyler will step out of the shower, find Christopher Eccleston brushing his teeth in his leather jacket and everything will be a dream. Yes, even that bit about those clockwork robots.

Hmm. Actually I could be on to something there…