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Published on 29 October 2008 in , ,

When I look at it now, it’s hard to believe this blog has been going for over six years, given when I started, I didn’t think it would survive beyond a few months. But this blog is a testament to my unnerving ability to rant and moan and complain about things.

Or is it? What is the main topic on this blog? What do I actually talk about?

I confess I don’t know. Or at least, didn’t until the other week when I finally finished a year long “project” to tag each of the 800 odd blog posts – for those that don’t know, a tag is essentially a keyword for a blog entry, and the idea is that by using tags, you can link related items together. As part of the process, every entry in this blog now has a section of links at the bottom labelled “More about�”

At the end of the process, and after removing some tags for phrases I’m never likely to blog about again (AOL anyone?), I ended up with 311 different tags. And when you have tags, it’s time to plot them on a tag cloud!

And there it is – it’s a static snapshot taken before I wrote this article and shows the top 75 tags in this blog.

What surprised me what what came out top. It seems I write about the BBC a hell of a lot (143 posts), with most of them being BBC red button (74 posts). Ironically when I decided to start this blog, talking about work was something I’d decided specifically not to do. The high profile of interactive television (71 posts) is also related to that.

Second top topic appeared to be Planet Bods (81 posts). In other words, posts about this very own website. Never realised I was so self indulgent…

There are 74 posts about London – many of which must be pub (38 posts) or house (64 posts) related. But there’s only three about that London icon, The Routemasters.

Holidays also make a strong showing with 52 items, whilst the vague sounding ‘internet’ comes away with 71.

For the most part however, and a symptom of my lack of attention span perhaps, most topics actually score very low. To get above 20 posts on a topic is pretty rare. And it follows the obvious question – of all the topics I’ve written about, are there some I should be concentrating on more than others?

Perhaps you the reader might have your thought on that matter…

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  • Tracey Smith says:

    When you slice your tag cloud and lay it out on the slab it is interesting to see what floats your boat, in a workie way that is. Imagine a tag cloud for all the things you fancy taking a fat bite out of…
    Well done for keeping the blog alive for 6 years, god, I’m pleased with almost 6 months, mind you, I’ve been whacking them up daily, but I think it’s better, maybe easier to be led by your inspiration not the calendar. Continue to indulge what you want to pen and explore where the wind blows you.
    I like your random musings – I’ll come back read some more.