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Links for 5 March 2010

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  • Radio boss: Commercial sector will gain nothing from 6 Music closure – The Drum

    "Commercial radio can never replicate 6 Music’s cultural value – it’s not viable for us to do so. The commercial landscape has featured many fine rock music stations that have never made any real money – over time we water them down and gently shepherd them back towards the traditional commercial heartland. We will gain nothing from this closure yet the music industry will lose much."

  • Lily Allen: Why we must save BBC 6 Music – The Guardian

    "If they close 6 Music, instead of acts like Seasick Steve and presenters like Lauren Laverne, it will be the Pussycat Dolls and Fearne Cotton on Radio 1."

  • The BBC Strategy Review & BBC Radio – About the BBC Blog

    Tim Davie does a rather half-hearted defence of the closure of 6music by describing it as "distinctive, much loved and I too am passionate about it's output". The comments aren't exactly positive, raising a number of points – points the posters believe to be valid and want a response to. As one commenter is nor impressed…. "Will no one from the BBC engage with us in this discussion like grown ups?

  • BBC Strategy Review public consultation

    And don't forget you can have your say about the proposed BBC strategy, including the closure of 6music, the Asian Network and huge chunks of the BBC website. You pay for it. It's your BBC. Your say can make a difference. Seriously. And if you want your say, this is the place to do it.

  • Former Mitcham resident lands top BBC sports job – Wimbledon Guardian

    "Man who once lived somewhere gets top sounding job" What a scoop!