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Links for 24 March 2010

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  • Oven Bottom Muffins

    And if you don't actually know what oven bottoms are… they are the bread products of the gods.

  • Muffin maker goes into administration – Tameside Advertiser

    Sad news that the world's largest producer of oven bottom muffins has gone into administration.

  • Brief Overview series Ep. 8: Bohnanza – TimothyP on Vimeo

    Bohnanza is one of the most brilliant and addictive card games I've ever come across – it's sheer brilliance in a can. I'm not sure this video really gives the true impact of the game as well as playing it but it will certainly give you an idea of why we play this game in the pub a LOT. (Plus I love the fact he's clearly using a chopstick as a pointer)

  • BBC News – Channel M cuts sharpen focus on future of local TV news

    Channel M was hailed by the Conservatives as an example of a bold new future of local TV news. And now it's cutting back…

  • Mark Thompson prepares for his Paxman interview – Westonenunker on YouTUbe

    With the help of a certain war film… I think someone had an agenda with this one 😉 [Caution – very STRONG language in subtitle form]

  • Paywall on-ramps get a workaround – Guardian PDA Blog

    "Web developers have made BreakThePayWall, a browser extension that helps users overcome part of news publishers' subscription strategy. … In theory, it could be a challenge to those that use Google's First-Click-Free scheme, which publishers can use to let searchers read only up to five articles per month before subscribing. No BreakThePayWall user numbers are available and the hack seems unlikely to severely impact publishers' strategies because it has not gained widespread attention on the web." Well until now! I mean if putting it on the Guardian website isn't going to draw attention, what is!