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Links for 8 July 2010

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Haven’t done this for a while for various reasons. Most of which revolve on me not seeing any links I like. And then what happens? Four come along at once!

  • BBC Mind The Gap: Bike hire etiquette: No animals allowed

    I'm not a cyclist myself, but I'd like to be (especially if I had a slightly shorter commute) but I can't help but notice that huge swathes of road near where I live have been painted blue. It's Boris's Cycle Superhighway, and it all looks rather pointless – a cycle lane merely painted blue. As can be seen in the report on the BBC London Mind the Gap Blog, there's certainly been a few problems. Still praise where praise is due – mirrors at traffic lights to help with HGVs blind spots are a very simple and a very good idea.

  • Bashing the BBC: The peculiar rage inspired by the BBC – The Economist

    "Here is a curious paradox about British conservatives. Challenge them to defend grand British institutions, from the Royal Family to the House of Lords or the lack of a written constitution, and they argue passionately about the dangers of tampering and meddling with things that evolved organically over time. They will talk about the British genius of leaving well alone. Perhaps you would not start from here, they may concede, and parts of our system may look a bit odd to outsiders, even extravagantly so. But these fragile accretions work rather well, they say, and would not survive piecemeal attempts to reform and tweak them. If it ain't broke, in other words, don't fix it. And yet, get the same British conservatives onto the subject of the BBC, and they turn into wild-eyed Jacobins, yearning to punish and slash and burn and stick the heads of senior BBC staff on spikes."

  • Swelegant Style Shopping: The Importance of Shirt Buttons

    How many buttons to undo on your shirt. I say two. I am not alone.

  • Removing target dates for digital radio switchover can only be a sensible move – Transdiffusion Broadcasting System

    My latest piece for the Transdiffusion Blog looks at how the end of the 2015 switchover date for digital radio, can only be a sensible thing.