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Penguins everywhere

Published on 1 April 2008 in , ,

First I find out that Linux Format is available in Greek and Russian, but now the BBC tell me that there are penguins that fly!

I Knead the Bread

Published on 29 December 2007 in ,

I never really liked the standard white sliced. Too factory-made, too plastic. Bland, boring, soggy. A far cry from what our neighbours across the channel do where popping to the bakery for a fresh baguette is a standard thing.

Coffin’ heckers like

Published on 8 December 2007 in ,

Anyone watching Have I Got News For You last night might remember a picture involving a coffin at a bus stop...

I come from Hyde. Does this mean I’m in a coma?

Published on 29 September 2007 in , ,

I know, I know. I'm about twenty years behind everyone else. For whatever reason, I didn't watch Life On Mars when it was first broadcast. In fact it completely passed me by until series two started being promoted. And it looked tempting, but I didn't want to come into it mid way through.

Britain still imperial

Published on 11 September 2007 in , ,

Is a hundred years after it was first mooted, enough time to wait for us to finally go totally metric?