No more comments on old posts

Published on 5 February 2012 in , , , , , ,

Apologies for things being quiet here lately. Well if you don’t like reading about walking anyway. The reason for the lack of blogging is basically due to a lack of anything to blog about.

Well until today and to be honest this is more an admin post. And it’s about blog comment spam.

As I mentioned recently I gets me some blog comment spam. You never see it because I moderate everything first. And I’m getting fed up of it, basically because I get far more spam than genuine comments.

So to reduce the hassles I’ve decided to start closing off older posts. From now on any post older than three years of age, will be closed for comments. Likewise some newer posts which have found themselves to be spam magnets for whatever reason, will be closed for comments.

You can, of course, still email me. And that is a good thing to do. I like email. But if you’re after commenting on a very old blog post, sadly you’re out of luck.

This is not a decision I take lightly. However it is one that I’m taking to protect my sanity. Sadly there are people who want to spoil the internet. They want to do that for their own commercial gain. And sadly the downsides they cause far outweigh the good sides given by people being able to comment on my posts.

So that’s that then. Normal non-walking blog silence will now be resumed until I have something to blog about!