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Spam, Wonderful Spam…

Published on 22 December 2010 in , , , ,

I have a very good spam filter installed on this blog, plus I pre-moderate all comments before they go on the site. But every now and then the filter goes wrong and sends to me a comment for approval that shouldn't. And some of them are amazingly wonderful to read. They are almost zen-like. I think they're wasted on my spam folder.

Comment Spam

Published on 5 February 2008 in , , , ,

I confess to being mildly concerned when I logged into Movable Type just now and found a great big whopping piece of comment spam had somehow managed to get itself onto an article yesterday.

No, I Didn’t Spam Anyone

Published on 14 January 2008 in , , ,

Every now and then my email accounts suffer what I suspect many people who own domains do these days - log on to your email and find a couple of thousand emails saying 'Message can't be delivered' or that kind of ilk.

Give the spamming man a gunshot…

Published on 27 May 2007 in , , , ,

It's bad enough turning on your computer after three days only to find some f***er has used your domain name as the from address whilst spamming the bergeebus out of half the known world. But then you find that several hundred of those email addresses the b***ards have used are no longer in operation, so you get several hundred "message not delivered" emails.

The battle of the Spam

Published on 12 August 2006 in , , , , ,

Over the last few weeks my humble email form has been getting a slowly increasing amount of spam emails sent through is - usually with Japanese email addresses for some reason. Now as the web form just gets sent to me and doesn't go near the web site so I just sighed and put it with the rest of my spam.

A String Of Expletives

Published on 1 November 2005 in , , , , ,

Thanks to the script/person who hacked a webform on this evening and started using it to send out junk email to goodness knows who. Enjoy rotting in hell once you and your moronic kind have finally killed off the internet once and for all.