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BBC, Wedding and Complaints

Published on 11 February 2005 in , , ,

One thing has to be said - the internet can be a very powerful tool for finding information. But you've got to exploit the medium - make the most of it. The BBC until recently has been a bit, well... traditional in its approach, but times are changing especially with the arrival of two more websites from the organisation dealing with complaints.

Work and blogging

Published on 12 January 2005 in , , , , ,

On the day that we found out about the first UK blogger to be sacked by his employer (well that we know about anyway) it's fittingly appropiate that the hot topic on part of the BBC's internal message boards was guidelines for BBC staff who blog about work stuff.

Top Grades

Published on 2 April 2004 in , , ,

The news that Michael Grade will be the next chairman of the BBC was (as has been reported by the media) welcomed by most of the staff at the BBC.

Advert from the staff of the BBC

Published on 1 February 2004 in , , ,

It was perhaps the biggest example of the BBC staff 'making it happen'. A full page advert in the Daily Telegraph yesterday paying tribute to the work done by Greg Dyke, and asserting their belief that the BBC should continue to be independent, and continue to be an independent organisation that best serves the public who pay for it.


Published on 30 January 2004 in , , , ,

Many people will have seen the staff response to the resignation of Greg Dyke as Director General of the BBC. I like many people were completely gutted by his decision, but he made it and I respect that and his reasons for doing so