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Published on 7 October 2008 in , , , , ,

I had hoped that my exposure to the whole credit crunch/banking crisis would be limited at watching my HBOS shares slide and slide before being effectively forced into agreeing to a takeover by Lloyds TSB. Shares I'd got for free - bar the fact that I'd decided things couldn't really get any worse, so why not take up the rights issue and grab a few more, cos in the long term...

GE Money: Ditching me before I ditch them

Published on 15 August 2007 in , , ,

After all the hassle recently with GE Money, my gut reaction was to close my credit card with them straight away. In the end I decided to give their complaints department the benefit of the doubt and see what happened before taking a final decision. As it happens, they've decided to ditch me before I ditch them.

GE Money – incompetence and downright lies

Published on 31 July 2007 in , , ,

I came back from holiday to find my July credit card bill from GE Money. Not an amazing occurrence - such things happen all the time. This time was different for it featured a "Late Payment Charge" and a wad of interest. Which rather annoyed me, because I'd just set up a direct debit for the account so that every month, the full balance would be paid off. When it comes to credit cards, I'm the annoying person that the banks hate because I always - and I mean always - pay off my bill.


Published on 17 May 2006 in ,

I recently got an Egg Money card thanks to Mint stopping its Cashback, and Lloyds TSB deciding to ditch Accucard (again, losing cashback in the process).