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Satellite Signal Found

Published on 6 October 2005 in , , ,

I know, I know. You're all desperate to know what the state of play is on my satellite signal. I can tell this because of the flood of emails that have been bombarding my email address ever since I first mentioned the problems.

No Satellite Signal 2

Published on 20 September 2005 in , ,

The trauma of Sunday where I spent far too long nudging my satellite dish is still in my mind, especially when various Googling and discussions at work did suggest it might be a problem with the LNB (that's the prong that sticks out of the dish) but before I started buying new satellite bits, or calling up people to check things, I thought it would be worth just checking the box on someone else's satellite dish.

No Satellite Signal

Published on 18 September 2005 in , ,

When we moved into this house, I was rather delighted to find a satellite dish on the side. After some time I got a cheap second hand set top box for it, then a remote. Before going on holiday, I finally got a viewing card too.