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Top 20 Posts of 2010

Published on 28 December 2010 in , ,

So every Christmas time I do a series of blog posts basically called Bods's Review of the Year where I do a Top 20 of popular blog posts of the year. And I ummed and ah'd about it this year as I wasn't entirely sure whether to bother or not, but I thought, stuff it. I don't actually care if anyone else is interested cos I am. So I fired up Google Analytics and took a look. And I realised, Houston, I have a problem.

Introducing Bodstoons

Published on 14 February 2010 in , ,

If I was to write a list of all my unfinished projects, it would probably take up several volumes. As I type, I'm surrounded by them - CD singles un-digitised; VHS tapes not converted onto DVD; Christmas decorations not put back in the loft... Oh and a host of lofty web stuff type ambitions never finished.