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Links for 30 April 2010

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BBC debate was a cross between Songs of Praise and Over the Rainbow – The Guardian Charlie Brooker's hysterical take on the final leadership debate. Controversial plan to move officers out of Mitcham police station – Wimbledon Guardian I love the fact that there may be a real police station (well I guess more of an office really) opening up not far from the fictional Sun Hill station. In fact they could just buy the Bill studios and save themselves some money! Absolute Radio settles trademark fight with Absolut vodka – Yes, cos I'm always getting vodka and a radio station confused. Just last night I popped into my local and was amazed to be given a small radio set with my cola… Hulu ‘abandons UK plans’ after broadcaster talks collapse – Telegraph After the demise of Project Kangaroo, the worry was that we'd simply written away the hope that the UK would offer any major catch up TV service, and had basically handed everything other to the Americans. It seems that day is slightly further away than it was before. Although we shouldn't count our chickens before they've hatched… BBC’s 530 days of repeats in a year –... View Article

Introducing Bodstoons

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If I was to write a list of all my unfinished projects, it would probably take up several volumes. As I type, I'm surrounded by them - CD singles un-digitised; VHS tapes not converted onto DVD; Christmas decorations not put back in the loft... Oh and a host of lofty web stuff type ambitions never finished.

Ulysses 31

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Mortals! You defy the Gods? I sentence you to travel among unknown stars. Until you find the Kingdom of Hades, your bodies will stay as lifeless as stone.

Cartoon Attack!

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Funny the things you find, isn't it? Whilst looking through some old folders, looking for bad poetry to astound you with, I found something far better. A batch of cartoons I drew back in 1996!