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Comedy Editing

Published on 4 February 2006 in , , , ,

Since getting my new PC, I've been taking stock and reviewing some of the stuff I've got on my hard drive - which is quite a lot actually. Old websites, copies of letters, and a bucket load of WAV files of goodness knows what. But most of all, I've been trawling through the several gigs worth of radio comedies that I've recorded from BBC7 and BBC Radio 4 over the last few years, and still haven't managed to listen to yet.

John Peel

Published on 26 October 2004 in , , ,

There's not exactly anything I can say about John Peel that hasn't already been said umpteen million times by friends and other fans of his worldwide. But say a few things I will because the death of John Peel - well it's like losing an old friend.

Mark and Lard Wonderings

Published on 20 February 2004 in ,

Well I did have a whole piece written about Mark and Lard splitting - I did it in my lunch hour today - but it seems to have gone walkies and not made it home.