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Random things found in my work email client’s note section #449821a…

Published on 7 August 2010 in ,

Sorting out some work emails, I randomly hit Outlook's "notes" section. I don't really use the "Notes" section bar for keeping a few bits of regularly used information that... err... I usually don't use. Things like links to Telewest's cable monitoring services which probably stopped working in about 2007, an old live FTP password for the BBC's website and details of how to get the secret, not very well hidden testcard on the BBC Red Button.

Tube Trekking

Published on 1 December 2005 in , , ,

The Babylon 5 Tube Tour never actually happened - it's a bit difficult to do a tube tour that takes in just two stations (Morden and Arsenal). That's not a tour. That's just a single journey. But it gave the idea for something with just a bit more potential. A Star Trek themed tube tour. It launched on Planet Bods on 30 September 2001. And now it's been completely redone.