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To plan or not to plan

Published on 13 November 2006 in ,

Today was my first day back in work after a week off. A week that included (in part) relaxing on the Isle of Wight, following by sitting around the house for a few days doing very little. Ah, lovely. So after all that tranquility, what did I return to? The delights of an all day planning meeting...


Published on 6 May 2006 in , , , ,

In accordance with the the new BBC 'Guidelines on Employees Personal Weblogs and Webspaces', I am hereby informing you that I, Andrew Paul Bowden, have a personal website that includes a weblog.

Desk Swap

Published on 4 March 2006 in ,

I recently moved desks at work, which has had some unual implications.

Job Stuff

Published on 17 January 2006 in , ,

It's good (although slightly embarassing!) to hear praise for ones work, but there's ultimately something more important to me about getting through the interview last week, for it was the final vindication for a decision I made three years ago.

New Business Card Needed

Published on 12 January 2006 in ,

In my desk draw at work is a box full of about 400 business cards which I got given not long after I became an assistant producer.

Buzz Off

Published on 31 October 2005 in , ,

As you may or may not have heard, the BBC Broadcast has renamed itself. It's done this cos it's not part of the BBC, being now owned as it is, by an Australian bank, who are of course an obvious owner for the company.

Your Leave Request

Published on 15 October 2005 in , ,

Wow. Either someone has decided I can take 17 months off work, and only decided to tell me 10 months in, or someone was testing a new system.