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Right Wing Conundrum

Published on 13 June 2004 in ,

Having just been looking at the vote breakdown on the London Elects website, I don't know whether to be depressed that 3.04% of Londoners voted BNP in the Mayoral election or glad that the vote for the far right is not nearer 10% like in some parts of Europe...

Robert Kilroy-Silk. Idiot?

Published on 20 May 2004 in

Here's a gem from Robert Kilroy-Silk on Question Time this evening. Apparently according to him, the existence of the European Union has not kept peace in Europe. Nope. Oh no. No. It's America that have kept the peace...


Published on 30 January 2004 in , , , ,

Many people will have seen the staff response to the resignation of Greg Dyke as Director General of the BBC. I like many people were completely gutted by his decision, but he made it and I respect that and his reasons for doing so