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Alistair Darling – the man who will kill the British pub

Published on 12 March 2008 in , , ,

I'm not one for political posts normally, but sometimes you just have to ask what the hell our politicians are playing at? I'm talking about you, Alistair "Pub Killer" Darling and your insane 4p rise in excise duty on beer. That is, ladies and gentlemen, a rise of 13% in tax. At a time when the cost of a pint is increasing anyway due to higher prices in materials.

Election Leaflets

Published on 29 April 2005 in , , ,

With less than a week to go before the election, you have to ponder who to vote for. Well I haven't met any of the candidates and I haven't even seen them anywhere, although Apparently the Greens did a hustings session last week. So what about literature - the stuff shoved through the door.

Bye Bye Billboards

Published on 20 April 2005 in , , ,

Just under a month ago, I mentioned the errection of two large, metal billboards on a small patch of grass right outside Colliers Wood tube station, next to the Brown and Root Tower. And now I write again.