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Alistair Darling – the man who will kill the British pub

Published on 12 March 2008 in , , ,

I'm not one for political posts normally, but sometimes you just have to ask what the hell our politicians are playing at? I'm talking about you, Alistair "Pub Killer" Darling and your insane 4p rise in excise duty on beer. That is, ladies and gentlemen, a rise of 13% in tax. At a time when the cost of a pint is increasing anyway due to higher prices in materials.

Britain still imperial

Published on 11 September 2007 in , ,

Is a hundred years after it was first mooted, enough time to wait for us to finally go totally metric?

Licensing Reform

Published on 17 November 2005 in , , , ,

Nine times out of ten, the pubs that are currently causing the problems have late licenses already. Stopping the licensing reforms won't cause a single change to the hassles that the police have to contend with because the problem is there now and won't change.