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Alistair Darling – the man who will kill the British pub

Published on 12 March 2008 in , , ,

I'm not one for political posts normally, but sometimes you just have to ask what the hell our politicians are playing at? I'm talking about you, Alistair "Pub Killer" Darling and your insane 4p rise in excise duty on beer. That is, ladies and gentlemen, a rise of 13% in tax. At a time when the cost of a pint is increasing anyway due to higher prices in materials.

No Smoking Pubs

Published on 14 February 2006 in , ,

Well, I have to say I'm not exactly disappointed to hear that smoking is to be banned in pubs, clubs and restaurants. Whilst I know many people will be worried about their business, if we follow Ireland and New York, things will work out all right.

Happy Christmas

Published on 22 December 2005 in , , , , , , ,

So I've been in a pub before now where a brass band turned up playing carols, but never have I been in a pub where they brought a nonchelant sheep, a petrified looking pony and a vicar who lead an informal carol service. Well until tonight anyway!

Late Night Drinking

Published on 27 November 2005 in , , , , ,

So there I was, sat in a pub having a few pints. We left about 12:30, despite the pub opening for another 30 minutes and with me having drunk a whopping pint more than I normally would. And we managed to get home without causing one fight, and without throwing up on any pavement. Or anywhere for that matter.

Licensing Reform

Published on 17 November 2005 in , , , ,

Nine times out of ten, the pubs that are currently causing the problems have late licenses already. Stopping the licensing reforms won't cause a single change to the hassles that the police have to contend with because the problem is there now and won't change.

Trafalgar Mad

Published on 22 October 2005 in , , , , , ,

I don't know what it's like anywhere else in the country, but Merton has officially gone Trafalgar Mad. Little did we know when we arranged to meet in the Colliers Tup that we'd be there during a Trafalgar Day Party (late license to 1am, live music, and bar staff dressed in naval uniforms).