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Lunch and Stroll in Hampstead

Published on 31 July 2005 in , , ,

Every now and then, you want to go out for a good Sunday lunch. There's something so good about going out for Sunday lunch - having a nice meal, reading the paper and so on, with perhaps a nice stroll afterwards. Today on a whim we decided to head for somewhere where a good Sunday lunch would be almost guarenteed. Today we headed for the poshness of Hampstead.

The Sultan, Colliers Wood

Published on 20 June 2004 in , , , ,

When you move into a new area, it's natural to try out the local pubs, and pretty much as soon as you stand outside you form views about the various pubs and as to whether you'd like to go in again.. So if you walked into The Sultan and just looked at it, you'd be forgiven for standing there in wonder, and instantly forgetting it. But looks can be deceptive and The Sultan doesn't do what you might think.

Hogshead, Wimbledon

Published on 20 June 2004 in , , , ,

Remember the 1990s. Ale pubs were the fashion - JD Wetherspoons were rising high, the Firkin pubs gave a microbrewery to many a high street and Hogshead were dispensing ale from the cask behind the bar.