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Published on 30 November 2005 in ,

So it's a week off for me. And Catherine's off too. And we haven't exactly done much, bar eating out at lunch a few times, and me going to the gym a lot.

Buzz Off

Published on 31 October 2005 in , ,

As you may or may not have heard, the BBC Broadcast has renamed itself. It's done this cos it's not part of the BBC, being now owned as it is, by an Australian bank, who are of course an obvious owner for the company.

Success Criteria

Published on 18 October 2005 in , , , ,

A month ago I blogged about a project we'd launched on BBCi on Satellite where the result would be that the average user wouldn't have been able to tell the difference between what was there before, and what was there now.

Your Leave Request

Published on 15 October 2005 in , ,

Wow. Either someone has decided I can take 17 months off work, and only decided to tell me 10 months in, or someone was testing a new system.

Working At Home

Published on 8 September 2005 in ,

I'm working at home today, which is something I don't normally do as I find it rather boring being stuck in the house by myself, and I usually end up missing about 15 important files that I can't access as I'm working via webmail alone.


Published on 27 July 2005 in ,

Yesterday I walked past Chris Langham on my way to the canteen. Cool!