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How to succeed in job interviews

Published on 26 April 2005 in ,

What with redundancies and things, you may be surprised to find out that there aren't that many promotion oppertunities for a hip, young, trendy dude like me (will you just stop laughing, PLEASE!)

Keep Me Away From Those Pies

Published on 12 April 2005 in , , ,

Farmers markets are a dangerous place where I scour the place sampling, tasting, and thinking about how nice it would be to buy some of that stuff there, before hastily pulling myself back and saying, well yes, but what would you actually do with it?

Views and Windows

Published on 20 March 2005 in , ,

I went down to the fourth floor at work to have the old weekly line management chat, and well the view from their windows - superb.

A Day At Work

Published on 7 March 2005 in , ,

Don't you just love those days when you're in the middle of writing a long, pretty tedious document that you just want to get out of the bloomin' way, and then the shared drive where the file sits, dies. In fact it's the shared drive with all your documents on it, meaning there's actually very little work you can do?

Electrical Borgness

Published on 3 February 2005 in ,

I keep feeling I should take a picture of my desk at work for prosperity. I think it's becoming a piece of art. Perhaps it's the way that it's filling up with an ever increasing plethora of set top boxes.

The Oh Bollocks Moment

Published on 13 January 2005 in ,

It's depressingly predictable I know, but there comes a point in every project where you get the "Oh... bollocks!" moment. The moment where you look at it and some blindingly obvious problem that only a simpleton would have missed, rears its ugly head.

Just Another Drone

Published on 10 January 2005 in , , , ,

In a few weeks time I will sadly no longer be making the trog to work up to the delightful Bush House. For us in New Media, this delightful location in the heart of London's west end will just be a distant memory, for we're moving to the less glamorous White City.

Off Work Serenity

Published on 21 December 2004 in ,

I suppose I should be doing something useful with my day, but to be frank, I'm not sure I can be bothered.