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Let the paperwork commence!

Published on 26 February 2004 in , , , , ,

I am looking forward to this weekend. For the first time in several weeks, I can rest and relax without feeling like I should be trapsing around estate agents, and wandering around street after street. On the other hand, I've now got a swamp full of paperwork and phonecalls to deal with.


Published on 24 February 2004 in , , ,

The thing about being highly pesamistic is, when something actually goes your way, IT FEELS BLOOMIN' BRILLIANT!

Housing Market Quiet

Published on 17 February 2004 in , , ,

Looking for somewhere to buy is hard work in London. You need a lot of cash for starters. And then you need to find somewhere you like. But at the minute, you're lucky if you can find anything at all.

Perfect home: oh where art though?

Published on 25 January 2004 in , , , , , ,

Next to the computer is the 'no pile' - a pile of paper giving details of a pile of properties. Each has the estate agents description of the place, photograph and dimensions. Stapled to that are some scrawled notes listing my views and opinions of the place. But have we been looking in the wrong place for a place to buy? Or have we been looking in the right place and we're about to get distracted looking in the wrong one? And does this make any sense?

The Great Housing Search

Published on 17 January 2004 in , , ,

I've kind of resisted writing about buying a house, partially because it's depressing, and partially because the cost of housing is all anyone talks about in London. If talking about the weather is the national obsession, talking about property prices is the London one.