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BBC7, BBC Heaven!

Published on 19 December 2002 in , ,

BBC7 is a brand new digital radio station exploiting the BBC's comedy and drama archives. And it's rather good!

Boxing Steady

Published on 12 December 2002 in ,

No letter yet from ITV Digital, but some interesting developments occuring non the less. Speculation abounds that former pre-pay customers like myself, may not end up giving up their set top box!

The Great Set-top Box Swindle

Published on 10 December 2002 in ,

ITV Digital lost me £60. And now they want me to give them even more money so that I can keep the digital box I have in my flat. Err. Yes. That sounds like a good idea.

Cafe Royal, Edinburgh

Published on 24 November 2002 in

A classic pub just off Edinburgh's Princess Street. Tiled panels depicting historical inventors, great beer and more. Fantastic!

Bye Bye LWT.

Published on 28 October 2002 in

London Weekend Television signs off from the air waves for the last time.