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Protection Racket

Published on 4 October 2005 in , ,

I don't often comment on news stories but I loved the Media Guardian article about the fact that 90% of entertainment companies are failing to protect their products from illegal online use, and that only 50% of products have any protection.

Sorry I’m Late Home. It Was Coldplay’s Fault

Published on 28 June 2005 in , , , , , ,

Which prat decided Crystal Palace was a good place to host a Coldplay concert on a weekday evening? I ask as one of thousands of commuters whose journey home this evening was made a misery thanks to countless train disruption on the Southern Metro network, caused by hordes of gig-goers filling trains and stations whilst railway staff struggled to cope with the crowds.

Music Player Stats

Published on 16 May 2005 in , ,

Nearly three weeks since getting it, I've been rather haphazardly ripping CDs and uploading them onto my new MP3 player, getting so far 64 albums on it, with a total of 851 tracks and using 2.9Gb - only 16Gb to go.

Into the Digital Age

Published on 28 April 2005 in , ,

When I worked at Bush House, it was a daily ritual. Just before going out, pick up a CD, bung it in my CD player and run out the door. One CD would generally last me door to door. But not any more.


Published on 21 November 2004 in ,

There is one song that I just can't get enough of since I first heard it on 6music last weekend. Ladyflash by The Go! Team.

Music, sweet music

Published on 12 March 2004 in ,

Ever sat down and listened to a song and it was just so beautiful, so wonderful, so utterly amazing, that it made you want to cry? Just cry. For no apparant reason beyond the fact that it's just so... so... so utterly fantastic?