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Into the Digital Age

Published on 28 April 2005 in , ,

When I worked at Bush House, it was a daily ritual. Just before going out, pick up a CD, bung it in my CD player and run out the door. One CD would generally last me door to door. But not any more.


Published on 21 November 2004 in ,

There is one song that I just can't get enough of since I first heard it on 6music last weekend. Ladyflash by The Go! Team.

Flashmob – The Opera

Published on 6 October 2004 in , , , , ,

Okay I'll be honest. When it comes to opera... well. And as for flashmobbing... well the phrase 'new media wanker' is what usually springs to mind.. So you can perhaps see why something called 'Flashmob - The Opera', well... might not really work in my mind...

Music, sweet music

Published on 12 March 2004 in ,

Ever sat down and listened to a song and it was just so beautiful, so wonderful, so utterly amazing, that it made you want to cry? Just cry. For no apparant reason beyond the fact that it's just so... so... so utterly fantastic?


Published on 29 August 2003 in , , ,

Fopp are a small chain of wondeful record stores who manage to persuade me to part with money far too easily...