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Walsh Western Hopelessness (part 2)

Published on 18 January 2006 in , , ,

I'd like to say I got a coherent excuse for not getting my PC delivered, but whoeever it was that I spoke to at the "delightful" Walsh Western had the worlds worst phone line possible, and about the only coherent thing I got out of the conversation was a question about whether I have a brown door. Quite why, who knows, cos every time I tried to get anything useful, I ended up on hold.

Ikea Madness

Published on 28 March 2005 in , , ,

For the nine months of so we have lived in our house, it's been a bit ramshackle. The living room for example, was an awful mix of random tables, styles, colours and cables.

Glass Breaking

Published on 20 February 2005 in , , ,

Can there be anything more frustrating than struggling home from Ikea with a new, large picture frame, then breaking it almost as soon as you step into your own front door?


Published on 24 January 2005 in , ,

My PC's been getting a little slow in it's old age so I thought I'd treble its RAM to 384Mb. I've never used Crucial before, but they are often raved about, so thought I'd give them ago. And it was a very pleasing experience.

Crap Video Recorders

Published on 8 October 2004 in , ,

My Sanyo VCR - probably about three years old if that - has recently started chewing up tapes for Britain. Which is, to be blunt, shit. Three years old and its knackered.


Published on 29 August 2003 in , , ,

Fopp are a small chain of wondeful record stores who manage to persuade me to part with money far too easily...