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Bread: From Ciabatta to Rye

Published on 23 March 2011 in , , ,

Linda Collister's book has become my bread bible ever since Catherine bought me a copy for my birthday. After a recipe for a standard loaf and details of how to make a sour dough starter, the book is split into different regions of the world, and contains a number of different recipes in each section, starting with America.

Coffee? In Salford? Where do I sign up?!

Published on 10 November 2010 in , , , ,

Whilst I said no to following my job to Salford some time ago (a whopping 18 months in fact) some people within my team have recently been brought into scope for the move and as such it's barely a week that goes by that doesn't involve some exciting news or inspiring knowledge appearing in my inbox all designed to show just how great the new offices will be.