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Albino Peacock

Published on 17 July 2005 in ,

Peacocks. They're pretty impressive creatures with their fancy plumage - their tail feather display designed to woo and impress the peahens. So I naturally couldn't help but wonder how much luck this albino peacock has.


Published on 30 June 2005 in , , ,

Microwaves aren't particularly hard. You get a temperature setting and a time setting. Doddle. Dead easy. You pick your temperature and you pick your time. Any old muppet could cope with that. Now imagine you are presented with a

Aim and Shoot

Published on 29 June 2005 in , ,

Brighton was the first big test for the new digital camera, which we'd been merely pottering around with until then.


Published on 23 June 2005 in ,

A couple of weeks ago I realised that not only was it June, but I'd had a whole of three days off work in the first five months of the year. And one of those was taken so I could do tourist stuff with my mother, so wasn't exactly a carefree day of leisure.


Published on 19 June 2005 in , ,

Some time ago the BBC redid it's jobs site, and it's rather handy cos you can save all your details on the site. Once you've inputted all your data in the first time, you can re-use it (and edit it if desired).


Published on 19 June 2005 in ,

I don't do this weather. I melt. Slowly and surely.

Alas Poor Toric, I Knew Him Well

Published on 16 June 2005 in ,

Sorry, you can blame Kirk for that title, but today the torric contact lens went back. Well actually not the original - I gave up on that pretty quickly - but a second type of torric contact lens.

Oh To See! To See!

Published on 7 June 2005 in ,

Bar a brief dalliance with them on Saturday when I had a trip to the opticians, I've not worn my contact lenses for almost a week, whilst I wait for another type of lens to appear, for me to try.

To Toric or Not To Toric

Published on 1 June 2005 in ,

After visiting the opticians the other day, I was given a new toric lens to try and counter the affects of a minor astigmatism in my eye. Or that's the theory. In practise, it seems to have made the problems I've been having with eye strain recently have just got ten times worse.

Bye Bye Billboards

Published on 20 April 2005 in , , ,

Just under a month ago, I mentioned the errection of two large, metal billboards on a small patch of grass right outside Colliers Wood tube station, next to the Brown and Root Tower. And now I write again.