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Property Slide

Published on 11 November 2003 in , ,

Weeks off work are supposed to be relaxing. Which is why we're trogging round South London looking for potential places to buy a house.

Home Alone

Published on 4 September 2003 in

What's the worst thing about having the flat to yourself?

Friendship by Blog

Published on 22 August 2003 in , ,

Wendy has a new MP3 player, and Paul and Andrew C can only communicate by the power of blog entries. And Mark Radcliffe has been to Ashton a few times. And does anyone actually read this rubbish?

Fame, Grease and a deposit

Published on 8 August 2003 in

So here I am. I live in a flat. Next door lives quite a famous blogger. Yes. He of Yes. He of the big time famous dude. I say lives as that's not quite true. In fact it's false as he moved out the other week.