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Magic of NBH

Published on 13 November 2009 in , ,

Back when I was aged 9 in what we'd now call Year 4 at primary school, we had to get together in small groups to do a project together. The result was to create a sort of combined report on the chosen subject.

Selling Salford and the North (the M&S Outlet store won’t do it for everyone!)

Published on 10 March 2009 in , , , , ,

I'm just going through one of my periodic blogging droughts, not helped by the last week and a half at work just being constant, never-ending hassle and mental effort caused by relentless firefighting. If something could go wrong, it probably did. Oh and to make things worse, half the team are either ill, on leave or exploring the delights of Manchester, on the "familiarisation trips" the BBC is running to try and persuade London based staff that Salford really is the place to be.

Great comedy comes from taking risks

Published on 15 February 2009 in , , , ,

I mentioned the other week that I was in the process of digitising my VHS collection, to see what interesting things I could find for prosperity. Amongst it was a trailer from 1996 when the BBC was doing another of it's "the licence fee is great cos it gives you things no one else would" campaigns.