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Travelling The Island Line (or the vaguely interesting tale of a company that seems to have absolutely no interest in corporate branding)

Published on 15 November 2006 in , , , , ,

We were staying in Shanklin which is the final stop of the Isle of Wight's eight mile train system - running from the pier end at Shanklin, mere moments after you get off the catamaran - which meant we got to enjoy travelling the entire route of Wight's trains. The trains are operated by Island Line, the smallest railway franchise in the UK, which is owned by Stagecoach.

One Day In History

Published on 17 October 2006 in , , , , , ,

Regular readers might notice a difference in style for this entry. This is because this entry was originally written for One Day In History - an attempt to capture one days life of many, many people, and store that data in the British Library for future generations. That One Day is today, 17 October 2006. If you're interested in contributing to the archive about your 17 October, don't worry - it's not too late! You can do so until the end of October, via their website.

Tube Trekking

Published on 1 December 2005 in , , ,

The Babylon 5 Tube Tour never actually happened - it's a bit difficult to do a tube tour that takes in just two stations (Morden and Arsenal). That's not a tour. That's just a single journey. But it gave the idea for something with just a bit more potential. A Star Trek themed tube tour. It launched on Planet Bods on 30 September 2001. And now it's been completely redone.