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Eurovision 2008 – good grief, the UK’s picked a decent song!

Published on 2 March 2008 in , , ,

Whilst sitting down to a nice, homemade green Thai curry last night, we happened to catch the second half of "Eurovision: Your Decision" last night which meant I got to see a strange woman in a corset and an extremely short skirt, Michelle Gayle and Andy Abraham battle it out in front of Terry Wogan sat on a throne in a programme format which was clearly designed to try and stop the UK public from voting for some diabolical crap again.

Everything Comes Up Rose’s

Published on 27 November 2007 in , ,

With the latest series of Doctor Who getting ever closer, news is creeping out about cast and enemies. Like this little one today - according to BBC News, Billie Pipper is popping back for three more episodes.

The Prisoner. Remade?

Published on 17 November 2005 in ,

It's one of those news stories that just makes me shake my head and ask... why? For today I read that Granada are planning on remaking The Prisoner.


Published on 25 July 2005 in ,

I have a TV on my desk. It's usually turned on. Today it was turned on during Neighbours. Today in Neighbours, Sky Mangle meets Harold's new friend. Harold's new friend looks just like Sky's dead mother.

Doctor Who

Published on 12 June 2005 in , , ,

Unbelievably I haven't mentioned Doctor Who yet. This coming from a man whose favourite programme when growing up featured a blue police box and a sonic screwdriver.