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BBC’s iPlayer to go beyond Microsoft XP?

Published on 31 January 2007 in , , , ,

As a GNU/Linux user myself, the thought of the BBC's iPlayer being Windows XP only, wasn't one I particularly relished. So I was particularly interested in the reports that the BBC Trust have told the BBC management that iPlayer must take a more platform agnostic approach.

Sound, Oh Lovely Sound!

Published on 26 June 2006 in , , ,

Well I finally have persuaded Ubuntu Dapper to give me sound. After delving around in the depths of the Ubuntu forums, I finally found a thread where someone had realised the issue was a faulty sound module in the Ubuntu default kernels. One roll your own kernel later, and here I am with sound! As I type, I'm blasting out some Sigur Rós in celebration!

Ubuntu Goes Dapper

Published on 8 June 2006 in , , ,

Last night I left the computer ugrading itself up to the latest version of Ubuntu. Okay I didn't quite leave it to do everything - actually I had to sort it out a few times in the middle of the night, but that's only because I was checking it whilst I was struggling to sleep due to the heat.

User Experience

Published on 16 April 2006 in , ,

Earlier in the week, I spent an evening trying to get my Hauppage PVR-150 to work under Linux. It's no easy task, taking me a couple of hours, and even now it's not exactly east. For starters, I'm only able to watch TV via Mplayer, whilst using a command line app to change channel.


Published on 5 February 2006 in , ,

Sometimes I just wonder about the quality of documentation from the world of open source. Take this question from the MPlayer FAQ...

Comedy Editing

Published on 4 February 2006 in , , , ,

Since getting my new PC, I've been taking stock and reviewing some of the stuff I've got on my hard drive - which is quite a lot actually. Old websites, copies of letters, and a bucket load of WAV files of goodness knows what. But most of all, I've been trawling through the several gigs worth of radio comedies that I've recorded from BBC7 and BBC Radio 4 over the last few years, and still haven't managed to listen to yet.