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Grr Mandriva

Published on 5 July 2005 in , , ,

It has just taken me thirty five minutes to log into my PC this evening. For those thirty five minutes, the X server just refused to boot up. Why, I am at a loss to know. The graphical login page just returned me to itself.


Published on 23 June 2005 in , , ,

Funny isn't it that you spend more time preparing to upgrade your operating system, then you do actually upgrading your operating system.


Published on 16 June 2005 in , ,

There was a time when I used to rifle through my Windows looking for redundant .ini files, or unnecessary log files. Anything to give my hard drive some more space. And I'd diligently defrag it once a month to get that perfomance boost.


Published on 24 January 2005 in , ,

My PC's been getting a little slow in it's old age so I thought I'd treble its RAM to 384Mb. I've never used Crucial before, but they are often raved about, so thought I'd give them ago. And it was a very pleasing experience.

End Of A Cable

Published on 8 November 2004 in , ,

Computers have played a big part in my life - even giving me a career. And over those years I've had my fair share of computer equipment. And a lot of it still remains. In a box. A big box. Until tonight.